Daytrip to Varna

Last Friday, the Leiden Prehistory Department  went on an excursion to Dordrecht to visit the exhibition about the famous Varna burials: Het Oudste Goud van der Wereld. Schatten uit Varna.

It was intriguing to see how the burials of the Bulgarian Copper Age were organized, and how some deceased were treated in a specific way. In the necropolis of the Varna culture on the West coast of the Black Sea, skeletons were found laying on their back as well as in hocker position. Particularly striking is the fact that prestige and gold objects were almost regularly combined with craftwork tools for copper processing.

Further reading:

Het oudste Goud van de Wereld. Schatten uit Varna. Exhibition Catalogue (Dordrecht 2016).

Hermann Parzinger, Die Kinder des Prometheus. Eine Geschichte der Menschheit vor der Erfindung der Schrift (München 2015).


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